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At Keys for the City we provide a huge range of services and products that cover all types of locks to help you gain access to your premises when locked out. Our services include:


The principle of "Lock Snapping" is simple - apply enough force to the cylinder and it will break at the fixing point. Once broken, the burglar has access to the internal working of the multi point lock or dead lock, the most vulnerable part of your door and within a few seconds, can open the door. At Keys for the City we can provide anti snap locks to combat this type of intruder.


Being burgled by someone who "bumps" your locks is common and there is no visible damage whatsoever to your locks. As a result an insurance company might say you were negligent and left the door open for the burglar. We can install anti bump locks to help prevent this kind of attack


Over the years the picking of locks has become a major problem. As a result Keys for the City can install anti pick locks to prevent any burglars attempting to pick you lock.

Local Locksmiths in Birmingham

Local Locksmiths in Birmingham

Local Locksmiths in Birmingham